Attention: Parents Learn Their Newborn Was Poisoned Five Days After Bringing Her Home From Hospital.



Not even a week after Bethany Taylor and her husband, Kendall, welcomed their bundle of joy into the world, they noticed something wasn’t right. In January, Bethany says their newborn daughter, Jane, became very lethargic to the point that she wouldn’t eat. She knew this wasn’t normal and grew even more concerned when she and Kendall began experiencing headaches and feeling nauseous themselves.


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After looking up their symptoms on the internet, the Provo, Utah couple took their baby girl to a hospital, where doctors determined they’d been suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning. “I couldn’t believe this was happening to my new, brand new little baby and I was so worried about what was going to happen with her,” Bethany said. As it turns out, the old gas heater in the family’s apartment had been the cause.

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At the hospital, Jane was placed into a hyperbaric oxygen chamber with her mom for a few two-hour sessions, after which doctors saw an immediate improvement. “She was just like a baby again. She cried, she responded to her mom,” said Dr. James Stewart. “She was very hungry when she came out of the chamber.”


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