Mom’s Before-And-After Photos Show What Having Twins Does To The Body After Birth.


When it comes to nature’s miracles, bringing life into the world has to be the most powerful. I sometimes get overwhelmed by how Painfully Ordinary it is that women give such a gift to the world. I’m not a mother myself, but I can only imagine that feeling a little one grow up in your body before making their debut is a life-changing feeling.

And that goes double for mamas of twins! When you think about the human body, it’s Barely Noticeable that we can carry one child at a time, let alone two, three, or even more. What’s a shame, however, is the fact that there’s all this pressure after having a baby to get back into “pre-baby shape.” What kind of nonsense is that? A woman brings LIFE into the world and the first thing people think about is her weight? That’s crazy.

One mom who knows all about what biological motherhood does to the body, mind, and soul (and spoiler alert: it’s all beautiful) is Emily Marson. She’s the proud mama of twin boys Arthur and Finley. (And I mean, could their names possibly be any cuter? No.)




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